One of the earliest written references to Cider can be found in the Wycliffe ‘Cider’ Bible, printed in the early 15th Century. The Bible gets its name from the translation of the verse ‘For he (John the Baptist) shall be great in the sight of the Lord, and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink...’. The Cider Bible uses the word ‘cider’ (sidir) for strong drink and it can be viewed today in Hereford Cathedral’s Chained Library.
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Social Responsibility

Marketing any alcoholic drink places great responsibilities on those engaged in it and, since 1990, the NACM has had in operation its own Code of Practice for responsible marketing - the first produced by anyone in the drinks industry.

This initiative has been built upon in recent years with the launch of the Portman Group Code The NACM is a signatory to this Code.

The NACM fully supports the Drinkaware, 'why let the good times go bad' campaign and Scotland's 'Alcohol Awareness Week'.

The NACM has been active with drinks producers to respond to the various government initiatives that have been consulted on. In each case the NACM has made the point that:

  • Only evidence based measures should be considered
  • Price should never be used as an instrument of social policy
  • No new laws
  • Ensure that existing measures are used widely and effectively
  • Introduce targeted practical measures to deal with issues rather than whole population measures


The NACM's position in England and Wales and in Scotland has been to:

  • Add its support to industry responses by making joint industry submissions in addition to its own seperate submissions
  • Work with Government to find practical targeted solutions to the identified problems mainly working with the Department of Health and the Home Office
  • Work with others to get its message across, for example, other Government departments (BERR, DCMS, DEFRA) backbench MPs, Alcohol Concern, and other agencies


NACM members fully support the inclusion of the five-point sensible messaging initiative for packaging - identified on this slide.  

For more information on the responsible enjoyment of cider, or any alcohol, see the attached notes.

For more details see AICV

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